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 An American transplanted in France, Brooke Desnoës is one of the most gifted teachers of her generation. She has over twenty years of international experience in teaching and training students to become successful professional dancers. Ms. Desnoës offers dancers the keys to ballet technique and trains them “from the inside out”. She firmly believes that dancing is just as much about engaging the brain as it is about training the body. During her classes, movements are not merely copied, they are deconstructed, analyzed and understood. The teaching is fun, the students are never underestimated and the results are amazing. Brooke Desnoës has developed her own curriculum and method over the years. The quality of her work and her dedication have made Ms. Desnoës a highly respected figure in the world of ballet.

“Brooke is one of the few people I have ever known who sees such a ‘big picture’ and she immediately recognizes what is valuable and where someone’s possibilities could take them. She is not afraid to consider all possible connections and benefits, with a diversity that informs her teaching and choreography that makes for a more complete education in a dancer of today’s time.” – Violette Verdy

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